Cheapest Workers Comp Insurance in Northern CA
We Saved Upper Crust Bakery in Chico, CA over $47,000 on their Workers Comp Insurance Costs. That savings flows right to the bottom line!

Comp Solutions is a program custom tailored to each Client. First, we identify any mistakes that may exist in your coverage or programs and move forward to correct those as quickly as possible.

Then we tackle the areas that are vulnerable and could lead to higher costs. Working as a team we choose 3 strategies to reduce the work comp. premium to its lowest amount and keep it there. The chosen options will be selected based you your business type, and this is where the big money is saved.

Examples of the strategic areas we can focus on include:

* Claim review by our independent adjuster with 26 years experience.
* Loss control / safety meetings
* Incentive program
* Classification correction
* Fraudulent claim correction
* Claim & Mod. Analysis
* Hiring Practices
* Return to Work
* First Aid
* Claim reserves and surcharges
* Premium credits negotiated

Simply quoting your work comp insurance premium is small change in premium savings compared to the tens of thousands our Comp Solutions Program has saved our Clients. We represent most of all the Companies, so we use the buying power of our agency group to get the best rates.  But our Comp Solutions Program means you will stop overpaying the insurance company – whichever one it is.

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