We have helped hundreds of companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their Workers Compensation Insurance Rates. Here are a few examples of how we have helped make those rate reductions possible for a few selected clients.  These are just a few of the things we do as a part of our comprehensive Worker Comp Solutions Service Program to help you lower your Workers Comp costs…. often by tens of thousands of dollars… and those saving flow straight to your bottom line!

LDG /Gugliemetti Trucking

  1. Fought 2 Fraudulent Claims
  2. Reduced Reserves by $43,667 prior to unit start date

Papa Murphy Pizza

  • Recommended Wearing Non-Slip Shoes
  • Implemented wearing wire mesh gloves to reduce cuts from knives
  • Designed Incentive Plan to Reduce “Lost Time” claims

Larkspur Lodge

  1. Established Modified Duty to Reduce Indemnity Surchages
  2. Fought Fraudulent claim
  3. Owner Drives Injured Employee to Clinic

Perfection Pools

  1. Enhanced Owners Awareness of 3 year Cost of each Claim
  2. Implemented Procedure for Job Site Analysis
  3. Increased Safety Meetings & “Close Call” Consciousness

Cheap Workers Comp Insurance Chico

Some of these changes may not seem like a big deal, but that is sort of the point. These clients never got any guidance from their previous Workers Comp Agency, and so they were literally throwing money away by not taking every action to keep their rates down. We come in as a set of “fresh eyes” and we have seen it all, so we know how to help you get the big cost reductions in your Workers Comp costs.

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