Are you Paying Too Much for Workers Comp Insurance
in Northern California?


At North Valley Insurance, we don’t just give you a quote, take your money and then call you in a year to get your renewal. (Does that sound familiar?).

We believe that we need to be in a PARTNERSHIP to help you avoid paying one penny more in premiums than absolutely necessary. So, to that end, we have developed our Comp Solutions Service Program.

Workers Compensation Premium Cost Reductions


We actively engage with our clients to help them take all necessary actions to reduce their Workers Comp Premiums as much as legally possible.  The key elements of this program include:

      • Audit Review. Meet with insured prior to each annual audit and set up a proven system and review 15 exclusions you don’t pay on Workers’ Comp. Review audits up to 3 years to see if any mistakes and get return premium.
      • Review experience modification, classifications, payroll and get it revised.
      • Meet with Insured to review Projected Experience Modification 4 months in advance prior to publication by the Workers’ Compensation rating Bureau to assist in budget projections.
      • Provide a Quarterly Newsletter with the latest changes, reforms in order to stay ahead and continued savings
      • Review claims on a monthly basis to reduce reserves and expedite closure.
      • Review claims prior to calculations of experience modification to insure lowest mod.
      • Provide “Hiring Practices” to insure lower claims and premium costs.
      • Provide a “Back on the Job”, program to lower claims 60% and get them closed out sooner.
      • Provide an Independent Nurse for problematic claims when needed. The same Nurse organizations use by National Retailers!
      • Negotiate renewal and put out to bid with various companies.
      • Provide Human Resources program “HR That Works” program for employee problems.  This comprehensive program includes:
        • Interview questions, layoffs, termination, reprimands, etc…
        • 200 Personnel Forms
        • Employee Handbook
        • Compliance Audit
        • Risk Management Models
        • Training Modules
        • Teleclasses
        •  Newsletter
      • Ensure current Workers’ Compensation policy is 100% mistake and overcharge free.

So, if your agent has never helped you do any of the things listed above, you are probably paying more than you need to for Workers Comp. 

CONTACT US TODAY and let us help you cut your Workers Comp Insurance by up to 50%.

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